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How to: Choosing bookkeeping software

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Bookkeeping is the activity of keeping records of the financial transactions of your business. After a hard day’s work it may well be the last thing you feel like doing, but unfortunately, bookkeeping doesn’t prepare itself! When doing bookkeeping we therefore we usually want to do it as quickly and simply as possible. At the same time however it has to be accurate, otherwise it will not be worth the paper it’s written on (or memory chip it’s saved on).

Many people are still using paper records for their bookkeeping, and some have ‘progressed to using spreadsheets, but with the advent of the government’s Making Tax Digital plans on the horizon it really only makes sense to prepare bookkeeping using some type of bookkeeping software.

There are many brands that would like to sell you their bookkeeping software. Also, there are different types of software with different capabilities running on a multitude of devices.

How do you choose?

Which one you choose will depend on many factors, and the following questions are representative of those you will need to ask:

At Tyers Accountancy we have spent considerable time reviewing some of the available bookkeeping options and for our smaller clients we are happy to be able to provide some easy to use Windows® bookkeeping software for FREE! We also provide full bookkeeping training and continuous support to help you get up and running quickly, and be able to concentrate on your business.

We also have other bookkeeping solutions we are able to recommend for businesses with more complex requirements. Please get in touch if you would like further information or assistance with choosing software to fit your needs.